The work we do is made possible thanks to you! Your generous donations totaling more than $60,000 in E4E’s first year have supported our mission in many ways. With these donations Encinitas4Equality has:

  • Funded $24,000 in scholarships for 9 San Diego college-bound students. Donate to the E4E 2022 Scholarship Campaign and help us double this in 2022!
  • Supported the opening and operating costs of the Encinitas4Equality Multicultural Center, home to more than 35+ BIPOC vendors.
  • Covered costs of BIPOC consultants who lead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion workshops for teachers and our community
  • Donated to non-profits that address inequity in their communities.
  • Maintained a safe space for tutoring for 12 local students

See our major donors & sponsors on the E4E Wall of Generosity

Encinitas4Equality is a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of CA with a 501(c)3 application pending. A tax certificate will be provided for all donations.

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Majesty Gallery

Majesty GalleryMajesty Gallery is a volunteer art program that offers online and in-person workshops for children ages 3-18. Our workshops are led by a community of artists who have a passion for making art accessible for youth. Art created by children enrolled in the program is curated into public exhibits and made available for purchase. Commissions from original works sold at auction, digital prints and products inspired by the children’s art are used to start education savings plans that benefit a child’s education future.