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Mentorship & Scholarship - ENCINITAS4EQUALITY
Working Group

Mentorship & Scholarship

Encinitas4Equality seeks to make continued education post-high school accessible to all young adults despite obstacles they had to overcome in their youth. These obstacles, which oftentimes can impact their academic performance, further limit access to continued education, scholarships, and mentorships. In its pilot year, we will work closely with the SD Met Public High School and Avid in Encinitas to encourage students that they mentor to apply for a scholarship and/or mentorship. We look forward to continuing the positive influence that mentors have made for these students up until their graduation with a strategically paired E4E mentor that the mentee will select. All scholarship recipients will be paired with this mentor for a minimum of one year.

It is the VISION of the E4E Mentorship and Scholarship Program to ensure ALL students within our community will have the opportunity and resources to identify and achieve their goals post-high school.

It is the MISSION of the E4E Mentorship and Scholarship Program to support students in need of financial assistance for continued education while simultaneously receiving self-guided mentorship.

Leaving high school into the world is perhaps one of our biggest milestones in life. All children can benefit from having a trusted adult to rely on during this transitional period in their lives. This is your chance to make a direct impact on a young adult’s future. If you are remotely interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out this form for more information

Working Group Leads

Kate Nowlan
Felicia Rawlins
Felicia Rawlins
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