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Working Group

Public Safety

Encinitas4Equality is joining the voices of countless other organizations and citizens who are demanding an END to police brutality and the reallocation of funds that promote systemic oppression. We are demanding an investment of those resources into the needs of our communities as well as making sure that law enforcement is held accountable for the violence they inflict. The purpose of this subcommittee is to find ways to reimagine law enforcement and community task forces within our local Encinitas and broader San Diego community to promote equality.

Our mission is to identify cost-effective, equitable and non-discriminatory strategies to provide safety and protection for the city’s residents and visitors, through collectively working with key stakeholders in our community.

Our vision is an Encinitas that leads by example in its public safety practices, providing alternative models of engagement outside 911, community engagement & oversight, and appropriate allocation of resources to ensure all people feel safe.

Public Safety

URGENT & TIMELY: San Diego County Budget Advocacy

Background Info

Our county government is in the process of discussing and ultimately approving a $7 billion budget for the upcoming year. It’s critical that we make our voices heard in this process and speak up for new public safety priorities like the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) program and other preventative services as alternatives to policing and incarceration. View the full proposed 2021-23 budget here and highlights here.


Individual Action Items – You Can Help!

  1. Submit an e-comment about budget priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. Here are a few ideas of comments you might personalize and submit. Comments close June 23 @ 5pm, ideally comment by June 16.
  2. Email your county supervisor about your budget priorities using some of the above e-comment ideas. Here is an email template and a real example of an email sent to Supervisor Lawson-Remer by a resident.
  3. Read the letter that E4E and other community partners have sent to our Board of Supervisors. Link coming soon.

Working Group Leads

Marlon Taylor
Marlon Taylor
Rachel McHale
Rachel McHale
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