Critical Race Presentation
About the Presenters


Dhalia Balmir is a first-generation, multi-lingual, Haitian American woman of color, who grew up in the Midwest.  Dhalia’s journey has been about navigating multiple experiences, embracing her own differences, and expecting equitable treatment and access, which has been a fluid journey that reflects in her life and work. As a self identified disrupter, Dhalia challenges us all to think beyond what is considered “the norm” and authentically explore solutions from multiple perspectives and lenses.   As a coach and workshop facilitator, Dhalia invites us all to look within, while she meets us where we are.  Her approach is to support us in taking action, knowing our own truth, and doing the self-work on our journey.  

Marlene Tuyay Scott is a Filipina-American and retired National Board Certified K-8 Multiple Subject Public School Educator with a B.A. Degree in U.S. History and Master’s Degree in Education-Literacy. Prior to teaching, she was an entrepreneur and business executive in the magazine industry. She’s been a resident of Encinitas since 1995 and her two adult children are alumni of La Costa Canyon High.

Tom O Scott was a community organizer for the first two decades of his adult life. In his 40’s and 50’s, he became an entrepreneur and then a top level executive in a large private firm, earning his MBA from Vanderbilt along the way. After moving to Encinitas in 1995, he became a software consultant and an abstract photographer. Although retired for several years now, Tom believes everyone, no matter what their age, can participate in the fight for diversity and racial equity.