Podcast Club: Ownership and Generation wealth vs. Systemic Racism

Start time January 25, 2021 19:00
Finished Time January 25, 2021 20:00
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Podcast Club

Podcast ClubTopic: Ownership/Generation wealth vs. Systemic Racism
Podcast: 1619 by Nikole Hannah-Jones
Discussion: Systemic Racism vs. Ownership & Generational Wealth

Podcast: 1619, Episode 6: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 2 by Nikole Hannah-Jones (36 minutes)

Zoom link: https://seiu-uhw.zoom.us/j/99550672616?pwd=WEsrMXNici9kdTBuaTJ3NVp2RHgxZz09

Hosted by Mischele

Contribution Questions:

  1. What actions will you take towards making generational wealth and ownership more of a reality for our BIPOC community?
  2. How has systemic racism affected your ability to attain ownership? This can vary from employment to childhood trauma…
    1. Example: Perhaps the way you were perceived prevented you from having your desired outcome.