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Encinitas has 62,000 residents: 78% White, 14% Latinx, 4% Asian, and less than 1% African American. But in San Diego County as a whole, 55% of all residents are persons of color. Why is ethnic, racial and cultural diversity missing in our town? A big reason is housing. Median household income is $113,000, while the median home price is almost $1 million. 30% of the households in Encinitas can’t afford to live here.

If you came to this page, it’s probably because you believe as we do that as neighbors, as a community, and members of this society we have a responsibility to work toward equity, recognizing that some of our neighbors historically have faced discrimination in many spheres of life for reasons that have nothing to do with their intrinsic humanity. We can and should take conscious actions to redress past and current injustices for those who have been harmed, by increasing their access to meaningful resources and support, and by fighting for more affordable housing. The number one way to do that is to fight for 100% affordable housing developments.

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Our Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase housing access for low-income and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) individuals in Encinitas. Our vision is to actualize a city that provides viable and affordable housing options for people –and BIPOC people particularly — of all income levels and in  all phases of life. We also believe that providing property rental/purchase education will facilitate a more diverse Encinitas population, and Encinitas will more closely mirror the diversity found in our county, state, and nation as a whole.

We will implement this through:

  • Community outreach supporting low income and BIPOC neighbors’ access to housing, including education helping people qualify for affordable rentals and home loans.
  • Support of government officials and community leaders working to expand affordable housing opportunities in Encinitas
  • Building a strong coalition among affordable housing advocates
  • Supporting construction  of 100% affordable, well managed, energy efficient housing communities
  • Promoting discussion regarding the nature of Encinitas’s future in the context of the ideas and policies that will guide the City’s development.
  • Supporting initiatives and programs that aid our houseless neighbors

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Encinitas Housing History

The Housing Crisis in San Diego & the Nation

Developers & Home Owners: You Can Help!

Developers & Home Owners

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Arguments Against Affordable Housing

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