Civic Engagement in Encinitas & SD County

City of Encinitas

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Know the Meeting Agenda

The City of Encinitas publishes the agendas for all Planning Commission and City Council meetings on this page.

Submit a public written comment for a city council meeting

Email BOTH and and include the agenda item number and/or title of the item in the subject line. You must submit your written comment by 3:00 pm on the day of the meeting.

Submit a public written comment for a Planning Commission meeting

Email and include the agenda item number and/or title of the item in the subject line. You must submit your written comment by 3:00 pm on day of the meeting.

Speak at a Council or Planning Commission meeting

Speaker slips are accepted no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. Fill one out, being sure to put the proper Agenda item on the slip. Audience and speakers should be respectful and courteous – no clapping, cheering, jeering or booing. Address your comments to the Council as a whole and avoid personal attacks against members of the public, elected officials and city staff.

AGENDA ITEMS: To speak on items listed on the special meeting agenda, please submit a pink speaker slip to the City Clerk. In addition, a person in attendance who wishes to register support or opposition to a recommended action without speaking may do so by completing a pink speaker slip and checking the appropriate box and the box “but do not wish to speak”.

Each speaker is allowed three (3) minutes to address the City Council or  Planning Commission. The Mayor of the City Council and the Chair of the Planning Commission have the authority to reduce equally each speaker’s time to accommodate a larger number of speakers.  It is important to have both a 3-minute and 2-minute oral comment prepared in case the Chair reduces each speaker’s time.

San Diego County

Know the Meeting Agenda

The Board of Supervisors has its own page for all agendas, with instructions about accessing agenda items. If an agenda hasn’t been published, it won’t appear on the page.

E-Comment on an Agenda Item

eComments can be submitted when the agenda is released (typically on Wednesday of the week prior to the meeting). Comments are accepted until the start of the meeting.

Speak in Person on an Agenda Item

Submit a Request to Speak  form to the Clerk of the Board at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting (see exceptions here). You may be given a slip, depending on whether you are for or against an item. You can also use the Request to Speak form to register your opinion without actually speaking.  Generally, you have a maximum of 3 minutes to speak, and you can’t yield your time to anyone else. If you bring materials, make 14 copies, with your name and the agenda item clearly marked. Provide this to the staff before discussion on that item begins.

Some Tips About Speaking

  1. Organize your thoughts. Either write out your full comments or write an outline.
  2. Practice delivering your speech. You’d be surprised how quickly 3 minutes is up.
  3. Make a 2-minute version of your speech. If there are many speakers, you may not get 3 minutes!
  4. Bring a mint or something to lubricate your throat before speaking.
  5. Don’t be intimidated if there are lots of rude and/or loud people there. Don’t sink to their level.