Silence is Violence


Our Mission

The mission of Encinitas4Equality is to educate, organize, and mobilize our communities to disassemble structural racism and oppression through solidarity and service.

Our Vision

An equitable and safe community for all.

Core Values

Action, Inclusivity, Unity, Impact, Integrity, Accountability, Dignity, Respect

More about E4E…

The mission of the Community and Advocacy committee is to work in allyship with existing BIPOC neighbors, as well as diverse neighboring cities through education initiatives and shared collective experiences.
The Housing group is dedicated to promoting the development of more affordable housing in Encinitas as a means of promoting a more diverse and equitable community. To that end, the group has critiqued existing housing development projects and provided support to those aligned with E4E’s goals and it has provided input on the City’s eight-year housing plan.
The mission of the Equity in Education committee is to develop and adopt policies that guarantee Encinitas students racial and ethnic equity in education, representation, and experience.
Encinitas4Equality seeks to make continued education post-high school accessible to all young adults despite obstacles they had to overcome in their youth.
The Business group exists to support the Encinitas business community in achieving conscious anti-racism in all their practices from the perspective of BIPOC patrons and employees. One of the key achievements of Business to date has been the creation of a Multicultural Collective shop at E4E featuring the work of Black artists and craftspeople, and providing Black business owners an entry to Encinitas. This group also has engaged in surveys of existing Encinitas businesses and is planning educational events for business owners in support of their adoption of a more focused equity/diversity/inclusivity orientation.
The mission of the Reimagining Public Safety committee is to identify cost-effective, equitable and non-discriminatory strategies to provide safety and protection for the city’s residents and visitors, through collectively working with key stakeholders in our community.
The mission of the Youth committee is to strive to spark conversations and provide resources about diversity, inclusion, and equality within the youth population.